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Leslie talks vaccination, reality and Rolf Harris on ABC TV Moral Compass

Geraldine Doogue debates the hot-button moral, ethical and religious controversies of our day in this smart and entertaining Compass series. Joined by a panel of experts they’ll work out which way their moral compass is pointing on the controversies and dilemmas of our time – big and small – through the prism of faith and ethics.

In our latest program Geraldine and her guests grapple with the thorny topic of children’s vaccination: Is it wrong for parents to opt out of vaccinating their children? Reality TV: What responsibilities do broadcasters, producers and viewers have to those who take part? And we also return to the Rolf Harris case: Should his creative legacy be expunged now from public view altogether?

She is joined by Dr Leslie Cannold, ethicist and writer; Tim Bowden, Anglican minister and school principal; Melinda Houston, TV critic and author and Matthew Beard, ethicist at the University of Notre Dame.

Publication History

Moral Compass, episode 3, ABC TV1
13 Jul 2014

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