Leslie Cannold: Writer, Commentator, Ethicist, Researcher

The Book of Rachael

What if the man you loved betrayed your brother? Two thousand years ago, as a charismatic young preacher from Nazareth was gathering followers among the people of Galilee, his sister swept floors and dreamed of learning to read. In Leslie Cannold’s story, it is the women of Nazareth who take centre stage.


What, No Baby?

What, No Baby? takes us on journey into thelives of contemporary women who plan to have it all – marriage, motherhood and work – yet have been derailed by reluctant men, insatiably demanding jobs and ever-climbing expectations of what it takes to be a “good” mother.


The Abortion Myth

The Abortion Myth forges a new women-centred abortion ethic capable of preserving a woman’s right to control her body and her freedom to choose or reject motherhood.


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