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On 3:30pm - 4:30pm, 05 Aug 2012: Leslie joins the "Hell-House" Panel on Morality

Every year in the USA’s Bible belt, thousands of Christians engage in a unique form of community theatre via a modern-day morality play called Hell House.

Written by Baptist Minister, Pastor Keenan Roberts, the performance takes the form of a haunted house tour, with each room themed around a sin – such as drug-taking, pre-marital sex, abortion, drink-driving or homosexuality.

Designed to scare young audiences into confirming their commitment to Christianity, Hell House presents a black-and-white moral world where a wrong decision will send you to hell.

Performed by 40 community actors from Geelong and south-west Victoria, Back to Back Theatre will stage Hell House as a museum would exhibit a cultural or religious artefact.

Performances will run every ten minutes from 2pm on Sunday at the Arts House Meat Market, 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne.

The Morality panel – chaired by Peter Mares and with Leslie, Rev. John Depuche and Peter Sherlock – will start at 3:30pm and run for an hour.

For more information.

For bookings: Arts House, City of Melbourne or call 03 9322 3713

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